A woman relaxes in her home. What Are Zone Control Systems?

What Are Zone Control Systems?

October 20, 2022

If you have a large home with multiple stories, consider installing a zone control system.

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A window shows a fall landscape. Why Do I Need a Humidifier in the Fall?

Why Do I Need a Humidifier in the Fall?

October 6, 2022

Fall is a beautiful time of the year—but it comes with a drop in humidity levels. If you’re concerned about the humidity change and want to enhance your comfort inside your Warrensburg home, installing a humidifier is an excellent option.

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woman sitting by window. 5 tips to improve your Indoor air quality this fall

5 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Fall

September 26, 2022

Get ready for cooler weather here in Warrensburg—fall is around the corner! When the outdoor temperatures start to drop, you probably will spend more time inside your home. Be sure to focus on enhancing your indoor air quality (IAQ) so that you can boost your overall home comfort and enjoy the autumn season to its fullest.

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Furnace Maintenance

7 Furnace Maintenance Tips

September 17, 2022

Need advice for furnace maintenance? Our team wants to help you be prepared by providing the following furnace maintenance tips.

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Geothermal Pump. Geothermal Basics.

Geothermal Basics

August 31, 2022

In this day and age when everyone is concerned about the world’s limited resources and the impact of energy usage on the environment, it’s encouraging to know sustainable solutions are being developed and improved upon. Geothermal heating is one of those technologies that holds the potential to significantly change the way you heat your Warrensburg home.

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Woman with allergies sitting on the couch and blowing her nose. What does indoor air quality have to do with allergies.

What Does Indoor Air Quality Have to Do With Allergies?

August 15, 2022

Did you know the average American spends nearly 90 percent of life indoors? That’s why it is increasingly important to ensure indoor air quality (IAQ) is clean and healthy. 

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Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality, Old electric fan near the bed in the room

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

July 26, 2022

Stand outdoors on one of those days when the weather feels perfect, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy the fresh air.

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Why You Need Whole-House Humidity Control

Why You Need Whole-House Humidity Control

July 8, 2022

When indoor plumbing became more popular in the 1940s, a whole new level of comfort and convenience began for homeowners. However, with that convenience came new challenges. One of those challenges is controlling humidity levels so they remain safe and comfortable inside your home. According to, the ideal humidity level is between 30 percent and 50 percent.

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Mold Prevention

Do Air Conditioners Eliminate Mold?

June 20, 2022

Your air conditioner cannot eliminate mold once it starts to grow. However, a well-maintained AC system can act as a mold deterrent. That’s because it cools by converting excess moisture in the air to water, balancing the humidity in your home.

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Savings Tips

Summer Savings Tips for AC

June 6, 2022

It’s summertime in Missouri. The team at Apex Mechanical hopes you find time to relax with friends and family, taking in the beautiful sunny days. On days when it gets a bit too sunny, you can jump in a pool or bask in the cool breeze your air conditioner provides.

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